How do I add a white background to the text but not have it take over the whole image?

Everytime I try and make the background of the text white it takes the whole image and I’m not sure what to do. Likewise, did I align it correctly? I wanted the text to go on top of the image as well.

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Hi there @lordkorra!

Are you wanting to change the text to white? If so, just go to the parent element (project details), and change the font color to white. Here’s a quick screenshot. Hopefully this is the solution for ya, but if not, please elaborate on what you’re trying to do. Thanks!

So I wanted to actually have a white background behind the text like the image, and then a white box around the text and have the text be black. The end goal is to have the image be hovered overed and feature the white box (slightlly lowered opactiy to show part of the background image) and text.

Hope I clarified what I wanted better.