White background not changing

hi -

I keep trying to change the background color of my website to transparent and the testimonials to white so they stick out like I have on my home page but for some reason it seems webflow does not change the color.

Any ideas?

In the Loom i show the home page and how it is set up and then show the page i am working on with the same design but the cards blend in with the background, showing that somehow the background on the page is not transparent but rather white.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Just so i understand correctly you would like the entire site to have a transparency, or, at the minimum you want to testimonials section cards to “pop”. I think there’s two ways to achieve this. Firstly, you’ve given a number of elements such as, the background-color-div and random-fun-facts a background-color different than transparent (they also appear to have 100vw/ or take up 100% of the visible page width) this is going to give the appearance of have a color other than the transparency which you require.
You make the cards in the testimonials section “pop” you could try selecting the ‘testimonial-main-wrapper’

and putting a darker overlay on it, or, change the background-color of that
. Let me know if that works.
Step Image:

Implementation Image:

hey i am trying to change the color of the second page. the one you sent is the first that i am trying to replicate :slight_smile:

ended up just setting page wrapper to a darker white . thanks!