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How do I add a category specific collection list to a product page?

So, I’ve placed a collection list in my “Category Template” page that has the following filter applied…

“Current Category”

This filter makes it so you only see the products that pertain to the category the user is viewing. This is working exactly the way I want it to. However, on the “Product Template” page I would like to do something similar where the user sees the product they are interested in purchasing at the top of the page, but in addition I would like to have a collection list underneath the product that shows the other products that are in the same category as the product they are viewing (same collection list that was on the category page they just came from) so that they can click into another product without clicking back into the category page. Hopefully this makes sense. Is this possible in Webflow? If so how would I go about doing it? If you look at my current Product Template page you can see that I’m attempting to do this but the filter option won’t allow me filter it in a way that it will only display products that are in the same category as the product they are currently viewing. It will only allow me to filter for a specific category. I’ve attached a drawing to help illustrate the concept and created a share link below…

Thanks in advance!

Staged Site:

Share Link:

Hi all, I just wanted to ask again if anyone knows how I might be able to pull this off? I was trying some other methods of doing it last night, but can’t seem to get it to work. My Webflow knowledge is still in it’s infancy. Again thanks in advance, any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

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I am facing the same issue but I could not be able to come to a solution. Did you find something useful or any way to achieve the outcome you wanted?