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Cant delete CMS collection?

Hi there

I am having trouble deleting CMS collections which are not needed anymore.

I did take a look on the forum and people seem to say you have to delete data that is still alive on pages or collections linked.

But web flow doesn’t tell you where to look. So its like going to a car mechanic and being told you have a blockage somewhere in the car you need to remove but I am not going to tell you where…

Any other ideas?


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Thanks Mateo

What does this mean?

@Grant1 - No read only share? We can’t look for you if you don’t.

----- List lifted from @cyberdave ------------

  1. Delete all collection items
  2. Delete all elements on collection template page
  3. Check all symbols to make sure there is no dynamic lists used in symbols
  4. Check collection and delete any reference or multi-reference fields
  5. Check dynamic lists on static pages and check that no bound fields are getting their data from a field in the collection
  6. Check dynamic lists on static pages and check that there are not filters or conditions that are using the collection fields.

It is easy to lose track of orphaned items. You can open a ticket with Webflow for more help.

Here is a similar thread with some good tips by @vincent.