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Why I See free plan limitation on my PRO account?

Hi everyone and specially webflow staff I’m trying to add another CMS collection to site and I’m experiencing this msg. But Im paying for long time PRO plan. This msg is about site plan but it is only case study and I need finish it.

Project is not big just few pages and collections.

Why PRO plan doesn’t allow to create a bit more complex sites? What I’m actually paying for? Do I pay $35 for to be able create only simple site? Why do I have to upgrade site plan for case study project?Did I miss some limitations on PRO plan?

When you have an Account Plan (Pro in your case) it doesn’t lift all limitations on sites you don’t pay a Site Plan for. It only allows for an Enhanced Staging, which has slightly more generous limitation in terms of number of items than the free staging, but is still limited.

A Pro Account Plan is giving you unlimited sites in Enhanced staging, transfer and custom code capabilities.

Check all the limitations here: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

So for instance here are the limitations of the free and enhanced stagings:

in your case I believe you have reached the 50 CMS Items limit.

hi @vincent thanks for fast response. So if I understand correctly I can’t create complex demo site that will only sits on without paying extra money for site plan. This mean that when I will get contract for a bit more complex site I have to tell client that they have to pay for site plan before website will be published to be able develop their site. Is it correct? If yes I can’t actually create fully demo site to present clients full functionality.

I’m truly a bit lost how to develop complex sites without telling client that he has to pay Webflow for site plan without site be published. It is a bit odd to me. Unfortunately Webflow project I have done for clients were less complex and Im surprised with this limitation as I was until today convinced that I can with PRO plan create any site complexity when will sits on only. Whats more all collections have only 3-6 items as it is demo-site only.

So solution will be only limit CMS item even more. This mean that rendered CMS data would not be able show features as load more or responsivness. Hmm …

Hi everyone I have just add to wishlist request for increasing amount of CMS items for PRO account to 150 on free site plan. It will be fair that PRO account should allow developers to create case study websites more complex without extra monthly payment.

Ability to use ONLY 50 items on PRO account make Webflow useless. Upgrading site plan to paid version ($16+/per site) to be able use more CMS items without even deploying site to clients domain because site has more complexity than portfolio site is IMHO unfair to PRO users that already pay $42/month.

If you thing that increasing items for PRO users is fair feel free to add your vote.

You pay to use a service, you’re using the service the same during development and production. Quite everything works like this. Your client is going to use the hosting during development, he will understand that the hosting payment starts when the website development starts. I’m working for clients all over the world and they have never raised this as an issue, ever.

We’re talking about 1, 2 months CMS plan max, which is about $40 max.

hi @vincent thanks for insider