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How can one (re)design this effect in webflow?

Hi there!

I’m pretty new to web development. So this might be a silly question :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the moving object (sock) on this website and would like to reconstruct this in webflow.

Is it possible?

Where could I start?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I should have searched for the right topic!

“Floating CSS” was the answer :slight_smile:

Here is what I’ve found:

I found this experiment very interesting.

I have a project where I try to help others to achieve certain things and this specific one draw my attention I think that I created something that you can use, its built completely in Webflow without any custom code.

Go to page > Floating element

There you can see how I built it, hopefully can help you in some way.



Hey aaronocampo,

thank you for your great example!

That’s what I was looking for.

By reverse designing your example I was able to figure out how to create this effect :slight_smile:


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Glad it helped! :thumbsup: :smiley:

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