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Is this effect possible to do with Webflow?

Please have a look at this website :
Is the shadow effect displaying week you click on a project possible to do with Webflow or custom code?
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Those are some cool effects! Though I don’t think you can do this natively in Webflow. Though I might be wrong. Anybody else have any ideas of how to recreate this effect or any code that could recreate this effect? Thanks! :wink:

It looks to me like the author created several different semi-transparent “smoke” panels which start out at 100%H x 100%W and grow to 300% or so while the opacity drops to 0%. Put that on top of whatever image you’d like to reveal and it should be a pretty simple effect to mimic.

The smoke are png images animated with canvas and pixijis

Here’s a quick and dirty example.

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Ok good job on that on dude :smiley: Thanks

it looks a bit like this popular free JS

Demo :

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