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How can I turn &oacute;ri<br /><br />sj&aacute; text into formated html

Hi, I hope somebody can help me out.

Via a zapier integration I am fetching text into a CMS item, but the text is HTML formated like this:

Verkefnastj&oacute;ri<br /><br />sj&aacute; til a&eth; umb&uacute;&eth;ir s&eacute;u til - samskipti vi&eth; umb&uacute;&eth;aframlei&eth;endur. Skyr framleitt erlendis &iacute; norkkrum verksmi&eth;jum. Samskipti vi&eth; framlei&eth;endur.<br />strikamerki s&eacute;u r&eacute;tt<br />samskipti vi&eth; dreifingara&eth;ila<br /><br />mikil n&aacute;kv&aelig;mnisvinna<br />frumkv&aelig;&eth;i og eftirfylgni<br /><br />ungur einstaklingur - Isey &aelig;tlar a&eth; ala upp manneskju &iacute; starfi&eth;.<br /><br />menntun &iacute; verkefnastj&oacute;rnun kostur

Does anybody know if there is a way to turn this into formated text rather then getting it displayed as is? I don’t want to see the code, but the ó á and so on.

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I would look to Zapier Formatter to handle the cleaning (html -> text) before adding to the CMS. Once encoded data is in a collection field you can only decode it on the front end with custom code.

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Thank you, that is the perfect solution. Time and time I am more amazed off the power that Zapier gives to Webflow. Such a cool stack.