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Custom Code Captions Apostrophe is showing as html

Greetings community, I scoured the forum and found similar but not the exact answer. I added custom code to my photo gallery lightbox so that my client could input the description and photographer and it would display in the caption (CMS Plain Text Field). It works BUT if she uses an apostrophe it changes it to the html code for apostrophe which is not desired. It needs to be an apostrophe.

I would ideally like to wrap the photographer in parenthesis instead of making my client add them in the gallery form field but I can deal with it if that can’t be done.

Thoughts? Guidance?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Allen Bird Club

live site: Photo Gallery from Allen Bird Club

Try encoding the apostrophe as '.

Thanks for your reply! Do you mean by replacing the apostrophe in the CMS text field with the HTML code? I did try that but it did not work. Any other ideas?

Then I would have a hidden text element containing the string and then use JavaScript to append the value of it to the text value of the element where you want it to show.

Thank you. I am not javascript savvy, can you point me to where I might find out how to do this?