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How can I style rich text content in CMS?

My website has our legal agreements in a CMS collection, and all the content of each agreement is in a rich text block. They were originally copied and pasted into a static page from Google Docs until I learned about CMS and thought it would be easier to update and organize.

Webflow isn’t great with copying and pasting from Docs, but that wasn’t too big a deal, I went through and added text spans, headings, etc. for each relevant element. I also added padding and margins for these elements to make them consistent. When I copied these from the static page (preview mode because you can’t copy multiple text spans and headings) to a CMS item’s RTB all their styling was brought with them except the font. When I go to make changes, however, like adding a new section to the agreement, that new section isn’t styled with the same padding as the other ones. Is there a way to add padding to the content inside of RTBs? Sorry for the lengthy post, I tried to make it make sense.