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How do I change a site plan from one page to another?

Hey Everyone,

I´m new to webflow and build my site starting from scratch. 3 days ago I activated a basic site plan for it, before I finished the site, to build more pages than the free ones. The site is still not published. Now my question:
I bought a template yesterday and will build my site with this. How do I change the site plan from my unpublished draft site to the template site? I contacted support 2 days ago but got no reaction till now. I´m eager for any advice on this! Thank you very much


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Support is really slow at the moment, but they will get back to you and will be able to do what you want.

I’ve changed hosting from some sites a number of times and you usually have to have a bit of a battle with the bot first then they’ll follow up some days later and do the transfer for you.

Wow, now thats a quick reply :slight_smile: Thanks for the info and have a nice weekend!