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How can i create this in CMS Blog Post?

I’m sorry for not providing any public link because i have not started populating my page with blog contents yet. I’m still frustrated on how i can create the below contents in the image to the blog post in the collection manager.

I have tried making a google docs of the content and also msword as it is and pasting it in the rich text field of the blog collection manager but it doesn’t show up as it is. I also figured out i can’t create columns in the blog post manager at least that will be easy for me to just place the images as they are.

How can i achieve this, i’ve been on this for 3 hours and still no progress.

*Secondly how can i add a button to a blog post in the collection manager?

cc: @cyberdave , @sabanna @samliew

someone help me! anyone to assist me?

  • image, centered
  • paragraph
  • image
  • (h4 or h5 or h6), centered
  • (h4 or h5 or h6), centered
  • image
  • paragraph, centered

You can style the brown and purple text if you select h4, h5, h6. But do note it will affect all posts with the same header (h4, h5, h6).

Actually those images are seperate, the right screenshot being linked to a youtube video.
So there is no way i can create a two columns that will hold both images in the blog collection manager.

I’m thinking of not using the blog post manager anymore, maybe i should just include the contents on the blog template page the normal way.

What do you think?

Then that’s not a blog post anymore. You have to create a unique page for that content.

Is there no way i can create columns in the CMS?

You’re not being very clear with what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe present some mockups of the desired effect so that we can help you better. The CMS isn’t designed to create layouts for you, just content collections. Use the designer to create your layouts then populate the design with your collected content.

You cannot do this with just a single rich text editor field.