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How can I create a Hamburger NavBar like this one?

Hey there!

I am trying to create a hamburger menu which opens right below the icon, like on this website:

I have tried setting a left margin, some padding, but nothing works (well).

Here is the share link, just in case you need to know any information of any other part of the website:

Hello @loantusitevol

Have you tried the Dropdown element?

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No, but that is a great idea :wink: I will now try it!

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Hey Aaron,

It doesn’t work. I tried everything. I don’t know why, when I click to open the drop-down menu, it moves all the other containers and the website. Look:

Any solution? Cheers!

Hi man, looks like you solved your problem ?

Not really. I went back to the previous set up. I deleted the drop-down and stayed with the menu navbar with padding.

I cant figure out how to do it!

I’m sorry @loantusitevol I couldn’t take a look before.

Did you solve the issue? From what I’m seeing in your preview link you figured out. If not let me know to see if I can help.