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Move Hamburger Menu to the left

I’ve seen a few threads about this but specifically i’m looking to do something similar to Pipedrive’s layout where there is the hamburger visible on desktop too, and it’s to the left of the logo.

I have seen that flexbox is the answer, but i’m wondering how do you re-arrange the navigation bar with flexbox? If I try to move the hamburger menu into a Flexbox section, that won’t work because it has to be contained in the navbar component.

If I select the navbar component, and set its display to Flexbox, the items of the navbar still dont have new flexbox options.

Can you post your Read-Only link and I will show you! Super easy in Webflow.
Note: Always post your share/read-only link so people can help you a lot faster :wink:

@mrtunes the hamburger menu is set to float right. Change it to float left an reorder the objekts in the element tree

Ok here is a read-only link. Also I had tried something with floating left but there is an issue with the menu not opening properly unless it’s position is flexbox

I have updated this link, so the hamburger is on the left. But if you click for the menu it drops down from the top of the screen very strangely (desktop view).

I took i quick look and can se the the icon is movet left bot NOT the menu button

I recorded a video sowing how I would approach this. Unfortunately I was not able to record audio at this time but hopefully you can see what I am doing. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!