Drop down hamburger menu that opens up?

does anyone have a clue why this is happening?
I’m trying to make the menu open up from the bottom of the page up but it’s disappearing under the section on top of it.

Hello @alexandria4jones

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes that is what I am looking for!

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Go to this site:


Look the page ‘Inverted Dropdown’, you can see how I created it from scratch (even the animations!)

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Thanks so much!

I tried to recreate what you did but I don’t understand how you animated it. lol please help

Did you check the animations tab? I did it with the legacy interactions though

Yeah so I have closely followed all of your animations and your steps but for some reason it still only moves down and not up. There seems to be two issues with mine. Altering the absolute position of the dropdown is not changing the position of my dropdown like it is in yours, and the dropdown is still pointing in the downward position. Is there something I am missing?

Okay I redid it and for some reason it is working now. I guess we will never know. Thanks for your help!!!

Can you share your read only link please?