How can I collect custom input on the product page?

I sell a product that needs information from the client to personalize the item/product.
Like a name to print on the t-shirt.

Is there a way to add a form or input box into the “Add to Cart” element on the product page?
Or any other suggestion on how to collect this information per product?

Hi @Eli11!

Currently you can only collect these additional information on the Checkout page, by adding the Additional Info block:

For not it’s not available in the Cart though. If you think that would be an enhancement worth adding, please feel free to add this idea to our Wishlist:

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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Thanks Maciej.
I need to collect some info for each individual product, so the additional information fields on the checkout page won’t work for me.
I guess my only option is to choose a 3rd party ecommerce platform like foxy?

Either way I added this to the wishlist :slight_smile: