Add customization to the store?

I have a customer who sells customized products. Example, just adding a name to a “generic” product.
What is the best way I can set this up for them? Would creating a form the customer fills out and is submitted with the order be the way to go? Then the client would be responsible for matching up the request with the order?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi @tgrinstead3d!

Great question. Having a user enter additional information for a product like “Custom Name,” can be done via our Additional Info element.

With the additional info element an extra text field, text area, and checkbox can be added. This information will show in the order email as well as in the order manager. This will allow the store owner to customize a product depending on what a user has entered.

For additional reference on working with this element please visit: Collect more info from your Webflow Ecommerce customers | Webflow Features.

Thank you so much for answering this for me so quickly.

Resurrecting this topic, is there any way to add these customization options when adding to the cart instead of waiting until checkout?