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How can I build a table that is populated by my CMS?

I want to build a simple HTML table that is populated by my CMS. I know how to build a workaround table but this does not work for me, as I need it to be HTML so that Google can regonise it and pull it in for featured snippets.

Surely this must be possible in Weblfow, does anyone know how? Thank you!

Nope, not possible.

Hmm… that’s annoying, seems like a pretty basic feature!

Algood, thank you.

If your table is predictable, that’s pretty easy. Put the code in an Embed component and place the desired dynamic fields in the cells. (You can only place dynamic fields in custom code when inside of a Collection List or in a Collection page Template, of course. I.E. a dynamic context.)

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I’ve added some notes here

So now you can play around with styling your table as well.