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Hover style not working in Chrome


The hover css styling works in for “GET IN TOUCH” in the top right nav works in Firefox and Safari but not in Chrome

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @nathanphilsteele I was taking a look at your site and it looks like the Get In Touch hover style is working until you’ve entered the “visited” state of that link:

I’m looking into this with the team to see if that is expected behavior as it does feel a bit odd to me.

If you remove the “visited” state style, does the hover state work as expected in all browsers?

Hi @Waldo,

Before applying the visited style, once it was clicked, the text stayed green, and it just looked like a green square with no text…this was for all browsers, not just Chrome like in this current case.

I’m not sure where to clear out the visited style:

Thank you @Waldo and best,


Hi @Waldo

Any word on this? It still works as expected in Design Preview mode as well as Firefox on live published site, but not in Chrome or Safari on live published site. Thoughts?



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