Hover menu is different on "click" then it is on "hover"

Tried figuring out what Koen did to resolve his issue, but have been unsuccessful so far - Hover is different as click on Dropdown Menu! Can enyone help me?

My site: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/bluelakecreative?preview=68cfbfda25786cb12e08e263487bbcaa

on click

on hover

I would like to keep on “click” menu vs the on “hover”

Thank you in advance,


Hi Nathan! I think i can see your problem and have solution for you.

You have some styling on the dropdown list element’s Normal State and different styling on the Open State. See screenshots below:

Normal State

Open State

You’ll just need to make sure both Normal and Open state have the same styling so when you hover you dont see the the jump styles you noticing now. Hope this helps and let me know if not will investigate further.


Hi Tim,

I had similar thoughts, but I wasn’t sure how to get to the menu without the “Open” class beside it in order to edit it. Pardon my newbieness. Thoughts?



Hey @nathanphilsteele

You first select the Navigator Menu [Shortcut = F]

Then Select the Style Menu [Shortcut = S]

Don’t forget you can toggle the Menu Open/Closed with this button in the Settings Menu [Shortcut = D]


Thanks Tim!

Than did the job!




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