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Hover effect only works in designer

Sorry for reposting, but the link on my first one didn’t work, because things have been changing somehow without my changing them. The cards on this page expand when you hover in the designer, but in the preview and the published version they don’t grow at all. Any thoughts?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of Nathan Chitayat

If your issue is in the published version could you share a link to that also?

Here it is

I don’t see an issue on your home page the hover state works on ‘contact me’, ‘about me’ and ‘gymcity’. Unless you mean some other element or page?

Sorry I wasn’t specific. I was referring to the two cards under gymcity

Conflict with your interaction on the same element.

Is there any way around it? It works in the original template somehow - one interaction for the elements to come in, and a separate one on hover. Is it just a matter of separating the interaction to two container? Like a parent div and a child div each with one of the interactions?