Hover effect snapping back

I’m trying to make it where when I hover over the blue bar…the type in the bar moves away and other type comes in…

It seems that after hovering over the bar… the type moves away… but snaps right back again. How do I make the type stay “moved” - rather than move and snap right back to the origin. Is this a bug?

Hover over the first blue bar to see what I’m talking about…

Can you please update your post so it’s easier to understand your issue and help you?

Please consider:

  • giving us you projects’ sharing link (see how below)
  • tell us on what page, and what element you need help
  • add a commented screenshot of the issue, and a sketch of how you want it to look, if needed


You can find detailed information about this here too: http://help.webflow.com/sharing-your-public-webflow-site-link

hehe awesome you- tin robot



Here it is:


I’ll have to illustrate it… but if you look at the blue bar - and roll over it - you’ll see that the type inside jumps down - but then jumps right back up again. Can I keep it down? - out of view cause overflow is off on the blue div and the type is inside of that div as a span inline element - that moves down on rollover.

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