Hover effect on slider arrows


Sorry I post a lot… Still a newbie! I’m trying to get my slider arrows to initially be display none and then when you hover over the “side bar” that the arrow is in, it will show up. How can I achieve this? I seem to be doing it wrong as it won’t work for me when I try.



Hey @Quantumgo no worries! Glad that you’re active on the Help Pages! :smiley:

Just add an initial appearance interaction on your arrows to Display: none (apply this to both “Arrow” icons) -

Then add a hover effect to your arrow holder that is set to affect another element which is Nested (type in class name “Arrow”). :slight_smile:

@waldo for whatever reason it’s not working for me when I try it… :persevere:

Are you binding the interaction to the correct elements? We’ll get this working :wink:

@waldo, ah ha I got it! Thanks so much yet again! :grinning:

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My pleasure to help :smiley: there are also a ton of great tutorials here to learn more about interactions:

As well as under the Tricks & Tips section of the Help Pages. :slight_smile: