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I am new to webflow so just starting to get my head around how it all works… I have a fixed sidebar menu which I want to add a slide out sub menu section to. As you’ll be able to see in the provided links I have it so that when you hover over “Practice Areas” the sub menu comes into view. The issue is how can I get the submenu section to stay there when you hover over it/or it’s content?

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Here is my site Read-Only:

Published Link:

@mattvaru & @QA_Brandon - would either of you be able to help out @Wyllie? Thanks so much!


Thanks for the shoutout @rileyrichter!

@Wyllie Rob, I have taken a look at your share link but I do not see anything related to a popout slide menu.

Please update link or provide more context to your project issue.

TIA and Happy Designing,

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Hi Brandon, if you hover over practice areas you’ll see the pop out menu. Please see image attached, cheers.

Here’s the issue / menu he was referring to:

I have to step away from my computer for a little bit, but I can jump back in here afterwards and take a deeper look!

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Hi @Wyllie, It wasnt doing it for me, thats why I asked. :grinning:

Thanks Mattvaru, it’s “Menu Nav” Im referring to not “Menu Wide”, cheers!

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Hi Brandon!

Any ideas on this one? Would like to have it all finished this week if possible… Many thanks!

Hi Mattvaru, hope all’s good, any ideas on this one? Thanks!

Hi @Wyllie, sorry for the late response to you here.

Unfortunately I am still unable to get it to populate in my browser. Not sure what I am missing on my end.

Hi Brandon,

I had switched to the old menu, please try again now, it’s now set to display “Menu Nav” again. Thanks!

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Hi Mattvaru,

Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks!

Hi Brandon,

Any ideas on this? It’s now set to display the correct menu, cheers

Hey @Wyllie - sorry for the delay here! Haven’t gotten a chance to take a deeper look but will look here shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Hey @Wyllie - did you remove the interaction on that menu item? (No worries if you did - just curious!)

Cheers for getting back to me mate, it’s now on again, sorry I need to get this site published so been switching between the working menu and the menu I am trying to add. Thanks for taking a look, just need to know how to make the slide out panel “submenu” pause upon hover. Cheers!

Hello @Wyllie,

I think I got an answer for you, if I understand your question correctly. Your hover menu was hiding back every time you hover out of your link button (practice areas). What you have to do is on your animation on the hover out part don’t move your submenu back to origin, leave it at to the right 230 px. Now, on a new animation select the submenu as your target element to be trigger on hover, but only on hover out. On that new animation select the submenu out 230px as the starting point and 0px after that. Look at the pictures below. I hope this helps.

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Here is a video for it

Hi Pablo,

Thanks you so much for that and the detailed explanation too! That’s pretty much it, the only other thing I am trying to do is hide the menu also when hovering out, in a vertical direction on the main menu, of the ‘Practice Areas’ button too. I tried to add an additional interaction to the two buttons either side of ‘Practice Areas’ whereby it moves the menu from 230px back to 0px… but when I tried that it didn’t work… Is there any way you can think of to do this? Many thanks! : D

Hey @Wyllie, so you will have to add an additional interaction to the Practice Areas button, but again, just for hover out because the submenu will be out already. Let me know if it works for you.