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How to make slideshow arrows appear on mouse over

Hi, I love the new Slider tool you have. But one thing, I want the slider arrows to appear when the user mouse over the image (and note, not mouse over the slider, which is easy to fix with hover states on the slider, but on the slider itself).

Like what they have done here:
Here you can mouse over the image, and the sliders appears. Is this possible in WebFlow?


I would add the animation to the main slider container, but affect different element, which would be your arrow.

Your arrows would also have to have an animation on them as well, such as display none on load or opacity zero.

I just applied it to my site for you to see.

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Hi @sstraub and thanks for your feedback. This seems as a good workaround, so will try it out. Thanks!!

Let me know if you get it working. If not I can post my public link so you can see in more detail.

Thanks, will give it a try and see if I can make it happen