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Hover drop down on laptops / touchscreen

I see a closed topic from a year ago but no solution on it.

Has this been fixed?

Drop down on hover is not working on my laptops both are touch

1 is a dell touch one is an asus touch works fie on a mac non touch

@webflow please respond to the bug messg hover on dropdown touchscreens



@rsilbereis thanks for reaching out!

Hover events on touch screen devices are quite difficult to account for with CSS/JS. I would recommend setting the hover dropdown element to a click event or potentially adding some custom code to hijack the cursor on touch screen devices in the mean time.

I found some information here which you may find helpful:

This isn’t so much a bug but more so a limitation of touchscreen devices really. I’m going to leave it here and connect with the team to see if we could potentially employ some sort of workaround.

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