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Dropdown on hover doesn't work with touch enabled screen

Anyone else notice that drop downs don’t open on hover. They open in IE and EDGE but not chrome.

I think this is the same issue as @steelesong : Dropdown on hover not working anymore

@thewonglv Could this be related to the fact that my laptop also has a touch screen? Fixed BG images are not working on touch enabled desktop/laptops - My fixed background images don’t appear as fixed because of this.

Hi @KProServices, hard to say for sure, but it definitely looks like it.

@danro can you confirm if this issue is related? Looks like some of our components are having difficulty working on laptops/desktops with touch enabled screens.

I am experiencing this same problem. I am using a Surface Book and Chrome will not open dropdowns on hover. If I use a non-touch enabled computer, this works fine in Chrome.

This appears to be only with Chrome, IE, Edge and Firefox work fine.


I appear to be having the same issue with Chrome on touchscreens. Has anyone been able to resolve this?

Yup, same issue here, Surface + Chrome + DropDown on hover doesn’t work. It’s fine with Firefox, Edge and IE.

BTW same with fixed backgrounds because of the rule below that gets added on touch devices.

html.w-mod-touch * {
    background-attachment: scroll !important;

Is there anyway we can prevent this happening for both the DropDown and the fixed background images on Chrome when device is touch enabled?


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