Hot to transfer my PRO account to a free account?

About a year ago I bought the PRO account and sadly, never fully got into it due to personal reasons. Now, I’m thinking of sticking with webflow and learn its UI more since I had a tough time grasping it. Now… how do I move my site from the pro account to a free account? I noticed the free account under billing just says CANCEL. And scared I will loose the site if I press it.

I’m pretty sure once you click “cancel”, the account will be downgraded to the free version, which allows a total of 2 projects to be saved (within the dashboard).

Get a moderator to confirm though!

Damn. Thats scary! Took me forever to build it.
I did post it on the board. Havent gotten any replies. This account
expires tomorrow.

Hi @cgmindd

@Witness is correct, pressing cancel will downgrade you to the free Starter Plan.

The free plan allows two projects (unhosted sites). Any number of projects over two will be locked. Hosted sites will not be affected by this as they do not count as a project.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

ok. So the file wont be deleted right? Once I master this tool and get better I will jump back to the pro plan. As of right now… I just want my site to attract customers.

it says it will be deleted in 21 hours! lol. Can a mod comfirm the site will NOT get deleted again for peace of mind. also… do I have to do anything special now? or just wait till its cancels and the it should revert to the free plan? 503 error code outage earlier too. East coast servers affected.

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