Hosting with Webflow and Email Accounts

So my understanding was that Webflow does not offer email service. Is this still true?

If so, doesn’t that give us an additional challenge when selling webflow hosting to our clients? Don’t most hosing services like hostgator include email? So if we compare webflow hosting (and benefits) we have to add on the additional cost of email hosting don’t we? Or is that something most larger companies already do separately?

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@vernon yes that is correct. Hosting in Webflow is totally separate than the email service on a domain. I think this is a good move from Webflow since Webflow is absolutely not a company that is involved in the email game.

In my opinion, clients should never use the email services of the big hosting providers (hostgator, bluehost, dreamhost, godaddy, etc) as they are generally a horrible user experience with very poor support.

If you think about it, in today’s world most clients will be used to either Gmail or Outlook in a professional setting. These are products backed by the biggest companies in the world - and their job is to do one thing REALLY well (email).

At the end of the day the cost of Gmail for business (always my recommendation to clients), $5 per email address per month, is a great deal as it also gives you access to the entire suite of Google professional tools (Drive, hangouts, etc).

When I have clients ask me about this, I always make sure to lay out the clear distinction between hosting & email, and also explain the above points about why it can be good to separate the two instead of paying for 1 cheap “bundle”.

Hope this helps!



There’s a practical solution to every hurdle.

I recommend ZohoMail for email, it’s free and very reliable. All you have to do is add the new MX records in your DNS settings and get going.

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Completely agree here on the marketability aspect. Many clients want a clean transparent single solution for their web and email solutions. This is a huge deficit for webflow as a complete solution.

If they don’t want to get into that space(understandable) partner with a company that can fill that gap so we can at least an option within the framework.