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Hosting Plans (CMS and Ecommerce) and Account Plans

Hi there

I’m creating my first shop at the moment. Now i have some questions about the hostings.
There are some contradictions in the plan descriptions

In the Ecommerce Hosting Standard it says «All features from CMS plan» but the white label editor is gone now… I have a pro plan on my account and there is the white labeling included. Why this is gone when i upgrade to ecommerce hosting?

And the editors are staff accounts now with the ecommerce hosting and no more content editors. But i wan’t my editors to change the products in the editor them selfs. So they should be able to add new products but this dosen’t work for now. That feature is also included in the CMS Plan and the CMS Plan is included in the Ecommerce Standard i think… what can i do here?

thanks for any replay

Hey @Mark_I

It’s true that white labeling the Editor is not available on the Ecommerce plans. I’m not sure if it will be added back or not when Ecommerce leaves Beta.

It sounds like your collaborator’s adding products is possible the same as this known issue.

The fix for now is to simply have the collaborators refresh the browsers after logging into the Editor.

Hope that helps.

Hi matthewpmunger

White labeling is essential for me as a designer/developer. I wan’t my customers to now that i am there administrator. Otherwise they may search for help via the web… and i pay the pro plan witch have white labeling as feature…

The problem with the ecommerce collaborators is the same bug you described. When i reload the editor all the buttons are shown correctly. I think this is a bug and i hope this will be fixed in the future.

thanx and greets