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[Ecommerce] Collaborators can't access to fulfill & manage orders in the Editor

I don’t know if this is the default or a glitch, but I gave a Collaborator access so that she can fulfill Ecommerce orders. She created the account but doesn’t see the Orders tab that I see as an Admin. How can we give clients access to manage their orders without giving them our Admin access?

So what you are saying is, you gave her access to the “editor”, not the “designer”, and she cannot see the “Orders” tab in the “editor”, correct? If this is correct and you are actually working on an eCommerce store, then this is not normal behavior as far as I know. You shouldn’t have to give her some kind of special access to the eCommerce part of the “Editor” separate from the rest of the website, as far as I know. Sounds like a glitch to me. Hopefully someone who can answer this question completely will answer your question soon and/or correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, there isn’t an option to assign a role for collaborators. All you can do is provide an email to send an invite to. The default role is “Content Editor”. I tried logging in as her and there isn’t a tab for “Orders”, like I see as an Admin.

Kinda thought so. Maybe @PixelGeek or @Brando can help us with that?

Hey @TL-Jay

Just checking, is the site on a paid ecommerce hosting plan?

When you click on the Gear icon does it ask you to start filling in a business address to initiate the ecommerce settings in the Editor?

That’s about as far as I’ve personally got in a published ecom site, but I’d like to help you figure it out. Let me know.

@TL-Jay @VladyRahn

Went ahead and added myself as a collaborator to my site. I see the same thing you do. No Orders or Ecommerce settings. It does seem like a bug. :bug:Let’s see what @webflow can do.

Here’s the Adminstrator view in the Editor.

Still a work in progress but it has paid ecommerce hosting already.
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Thanks @matthewpmunger for helping out with this, although I have a question. I have had no problems publishing my clients ecom project to a domain and then clicking on the Editor button at the top left of the designer and getting into the editor. I am able to see everything including the E-commerce and Orders tabs no problem without any specific business setup or anything like that. Are you saying you are not able to do that? Or do you mean something else?

Thanks again

Hey @VladyRahn

As a designer, you can edit/design products, carts, checkout, and order confirmation without being required to input a Business Address and start the administrative part of setting up a store. This way you can focus on the design and the collaborator/client can login to the Editor and setup the business info and stripe account. This way they don’t have to share accounts/password and sensitive information with the designer.

If you’ve haven’t setup any settings for ecommerce, then the first time they login and try to access the settings it will prompt them for the Business Address before they can see the other things like taxes, shipping, and payment settings.

That’s what I was referring to. However that nice feature of keeping design and settings separate is mute if the collaborators can’t access the Ecommerce at all.

Thanks for verifying that you’re experiencing the exact same issues @matthewpmunger
It’s my own business and I’m selling live right now, I need Collaborators to be able to fulfill orders but when they login there is no options to view orders.
Is there anyone else that has a live ecommerce website on an https domain that can confirm their collaborators can view orders?

Hi @TL-Jay — thanks for posting about this.

Can you please provide a Read-Only link to your project so we can take a closer look?

If you aren’t able to share this publicly, can you send me a DM? :bowing_man:

I just sent you a DM @Brando thanks!

Awesome, thank you @TL-Jay

I did some testing on this end and it looks like I was able to reproduce the issue.

I’ve reported it to the Ecommerce team and we’ll be sure to dig into this asap. That said, I did find a workaround. When I first logged into the Editor as a collaborator, I couldn’t see the Orders tab — if I refresh the page as soon as I log in, I can the orders tab as expected:


I hope the workaround helps for now, and I’ll let you know when we have more info.

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Thanks so much, the work around will do for now! I appreciate the quick response.
I had another question, I’m not sure if it’s intended to work this way or not but…
When you go to Orders > Select > Set as Fulfilled
This prompts you to Fulfill the order (enter tracking info) VS setting the status to Fulfilled (which is what I want to do).

I want to mark orders as “Fulfilled” because I already emailed customers manually (products are digital tickets, there is no tracking info).

A) Is this the intended use? The wording “Set as Fulfilled” to me seems like it would mark it as Fulfilled, not proceed with the Fulfillment process.

B) Would you happen to know of a workaround where I can set it as “Fulfilled” without having to submit/email tracking info?

Thanks so much for clarifying what you exactly meant.

Thanks so much for getting on this @Brando.

I also have the same question as @TL-Jay. The eCommerce website I am working on will be selling dogs and most of the dogs will be picked up by their new owners, with the exception of some being delivered by the breeders and occasionally some dogs will get delivered per airfreight, so the standard shipping feature is not required for this website. @Brando, what would be the best practice in a scenario like that?

Thanks in advance

what would be the best practice in a scenario like that?

That’s a great question! I’m not entirely sure how you’d approach this to be honest. :sweat_smile:

You may consider using a form that appears after or before purchase asking for customers to clarify how they will receive their pup :dog:
From there, you can review each form submission and maybe charge them separately if they are using the airfreight? :thinking:

I’ll pass this question along to the team to see if there are any other ideas.

Thanks @Brando, that’s a great idea. But how would my client be able to mark the order as fulfilled if no tracking/shipping info is required, lets say if the client decides to pick up the puppy them selves?

Not sure on this one @VladyRahn — I don’t think there are enough shipping features in the beta currently to match this exact use case. :thinking:

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OK @Brando, thanks for checking into that. Any idea if and how soon my client will be able to just mark an order fulfilled without actually selecting any shipping method, assuming that feature will/should be available on ecommerce websites because I am sure there are other businesses that sell there product locally and do not need to select any actual shipping method since the order gets fulfilled locally, like it is in my clients case? ( That is a long question, sorry…)

Hey @Brando

My client is also experiencing this issue on their login. They cannot see any of the Ecommerce functions in the Editor. Here’s the project and it does have paid hosting.

Any update on this issue? Can’t launch the site until it is fixed.