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New plans and hosting

Hello, I am a bit confused by the new plans that were rolled out. Forgive my ignorance when it comes to some of the terminology. What exactly does hosted forms mean? And now the free plan only comes with 1 website instead of two? Is there a plan to get more websites for free or for a fee?

Also, domains. Adding custom domains, does that mean that if you set up the domain you own on another host you can publish directly from webflow to that host? Also, did I miss something with the publish button in my account? I feel like this wasn’t there before. I can host for free on your servers?

I think the FAQ might need to be updated for all this.


I was also wondering about the 10 hosted sub-domains. Does that mean you can only create a site with 10 pages on the individual plan?

Hey guys sorry for the confusion on our plans and pricing. We’re still working out the kinks and communication. We will be updating the FAQ’s over time as well as we get more comfortable with our pricing.

@DFink All forms you create on Webflow have to be hosted somewhere, so we host them. Even if you export we host the submissions.

No, with custom domains what we mean is if you own a domain, you can connect that domain to one of your projects and we host it for $8 a month. We won’t allow publishing to a different host because we offer hosting. You can host on the subdomain for free on our servers.

@ashish With the Personal plan you can have 10 projects total and each project can have 10 pages each. You can also host to a webflow sub-domain for free.

What is the max amount of pages i could earn? 7? And i keep hearing about the subdomain. Can your site be hosted on there permanently for free or is it just for testing? Thanks!

For free accounts we will always have 2 pages max. You won’t be able to earn more. We can host on our subdomain for free as long as you want. We plan on adding a Webflow logo at the bottom of subdomains in the future.

Okay now I’m more confused. So 2 pages max meaning 2 pages hosted on the subdomain? Website projects are just in your account for export and you can earn up to how many by referring friends? I just want more projects honestly.

What I mean by “pages” is how many individual pages a Website Project can have. On free you can have only 1 project, and that project can have only 2 pages. To get more Website Projects you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

If i host my domain with webflow with the connector, will i get a subdomain under my private domain with the payment? I mean if I have hosted, will i get as part of the $5 payment?.