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Hosting issues with client site after a few months

Hey everyone!

I’m having issues with hosting a client’s website after a few months of no issues. At first, the client sent me a screenshot of an “Error 525 SSL handshake failed” which I went into Webflow to see issues with the custom domain and attempted to fix it by going into GoDaddy and fixing the records there. I set up the CNAME to redirect to and am currently waiting for DNS to propagate to see if that resolved it but until then I figured I’d ask here and see if there’s anything else I can do or am doing wrong. I’ve attached an image of the custom domain settings below. Let me know if I need to attach any other information. I appreciate the help!

EDIT: The domain the client wants to use is not . I’m currently using as a temporary band aid.

I fixed it, turns out the customer service guy at GoDaddy that I had contacted earlier had reversed the values for the CNAME records…