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Client site down. SSL problems?

Hello, my client emailed me this morning informing me that their site is down. When I go to the url I get “Error 525 SSL Handshake Failed”. Has anything been changed on Webflow’s end? Screenshot below.

Hi @Syndicate15

Thanks for posting about this error. That actually looks like a Cloudflare issue if I’m not mistaken. Do you have your DNS records set to DNS only in Cloudflare?

You can change this setting by clicking on the orange cloud icons next to each DNS record to switch the to “DNS Only” mode. Making that change should resolve the issue for you.

​​Please let me know if this solves the problem. If not, I’m happy to help further :slight_smile:

Ok, I checked all of the could icons and made each one orange. There was one that was not orange, it was CNAME autodiscover. All are orange now. Will this take effect immediately or does it take some time to push through? It’s been roughly an hour with no change.

In order for us to provision SSL certificates for a domain, they need to be directly pointed to us (not going through cloudflare.)

You can either: have the domain point directly to us (click the orange icon for each entry) OR point the domain to instead of and it should work again.

Also, one other thing: the AAAA record on the root domain needs to be removed, otherwise we will not be able to generate an SSL cert for the root domain since that IP does not point to webflow.

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I’ll see what I can do, client’s domain is through 1&1. Cloudflare was the only way I could get the domain linked to webflow. 1&1 customer support couldn’t even connect it. It’s just odd that it’s been working for a few months now. Thanks for the tips! I’ll implement what you said and hopefully it’ll work. Been trying to get the client to switch to Godaddy.

I suspect it was originally setup where cloudflare was directly passing the traffic to webflow (the orange button disabled) at which point we could provision SSL certs which last 90 days. Then, it was updated to go directly to cloudflare (orange button enabled) at which point it would still work for the remainder of the time the SSL certificate was valid for.

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