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Hosting And CMS

I have a client that agreed for the CMS webflow hosting(yay!). Now there is something to fix. He has already payed a plan (10€ per year) for hosting his domain, and we would like to keep that to keep the emails ( So what do i have to do for hosting in webflow and keed the other domain?

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I’m a bit confused by the question. But anyway, here’s an info. The use of the domain for web ( and other subdomains such as,…) are disconected from the mail use ( How you use your domain for emails have nothing to do with Webflow, but with your registrar (domain name provider). Either your registrar provides a mail service, either you set the mail service to work with another mail provider (google or anything else).

Is that helpful?

Ok, so i can keep my domain and host the site on webflow? Sorry if i wasn’t clear!

Yes you can host a site where you want, including Webflow, and make your domain point to it. Without changing anything to how your email is currently set.

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