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I know shopify won't crash, but will webflow?

I’m building a website for a company that’s going to be on Shark Tank. I proposed to the individual that I could design a website exactly how they want it, and add the shopify cart to the website.

I know FOR SURE that shopify can handle the traffic of having 100K+ users on your site at the same time, but if I set this up on a webflow hosted website, how will webflow handle this?

I’m sure webflow admin will say it will be okay, no problem but I’m skeptical - don’t want to risk it.

Are there any knowledgable individuals here to answer this, or should I simply keep everything on shopify for this instance?

Webflow doesn’t host. They rely on Fastly. If 100k+ means under 200k, beers are on me if your site stops serving pages.

What I mean is Twitter, Vimeo Vogue or Kayak should beak before your clients! site :slight_smile:

You and your clients should be fine, it’s a super strong CDN, it’s built for fast access and scaling.

You should write this concern to but chances are you’ll get the same answer as I just wrote.

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