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Host Gator Problems

Honestly, I am so unbelievable overwhelmed with my situation between webflow and Host Gator that I cannot even put it into words. I am asking for anyone who knows hosting well to voice chat or whatever so I can share my screen and explain what is happening.

My problem is not being able to take html files from webflow and apply them on Host Gator to public html, and I’m not able to access folders by typing them into my browser. Someone please relieve me lol…

@Nils_Gulbranson - I will give you five minutes of my time. Been hosting since 1996. PM me if you are interested.

I appreciate your response Jeff and taking time out of you day. I decided to scrap Host Gator and try something else. If I can’t figure out an alternative I will let you know.

I recommend trying Netlify( Most use cases can easily exist within Netlify’s free tier, and it is as simple as drag and drop the .ZIP folder you download from your Webflow project into the deploy area.