Hosting Javascript file Externally

Hello, I am creating a custom calculator for my website and the code is getting too long to fit within the limit. I tried hosting the entire file externally but it would not work properly. I have very limited knowledge of js so I’m not sure if I am hosting the file properly. Can anyone help me host the code properly?

Pages: calculator and calculator copy

I haven’t tried it myself, but I have seen mention on this forum that you can host it within Webflow itself as an asset and use the asset’s URL.

Here’s the full “how to” kindly provided by @webdev - Character Limit

Have you tried minifying the code? That might make it small enough.

Otherwise you can host for free with Github, Netlify, Firebase, GCP Storage and probably lots of others I can’t think of. Then use a https script include to load it.

I want to have as few links out as possible. Being limited to adding custom scripts only to the header or hosting elsewhere is going to kill site performance and it looks like the webflow CDN is doing a poor job of caching 3rd party files. I also want to be able to limit what webflow puts in the header and can’t figure out if that’s possible.

I’m new to the form and can’t seem to find place for feature requests. Do you know where I can look?

Not really, Webflow isn’t big on feature requests from the community. Search this forum for “Wishlist” and you’ll see for yourself…

I also sent in a support request and go 0 answer. Hopefully they put some of that new funding into listening to users, cause most of the features I’ve wanted seem pretty straightforward and people have been asking for them since at least 2015

Yea well don’t hold your breath, that’s all I’ll say.

im really thinking on migrate to WP, it’s pretty clear they don t response users