Host a Webflow Website with Plugins to own Server

Hey guys,

first, I’m new to all of this.

In case I create a website with Webflow and use plugins are they integrated in the code?
Second question can I host this website on my own server and are the plugins then included?

thank you in advance for answers!

Hey Jeremy,

What are plug-ins?
Custom code is included when you export your Webflow site HTML, but CMS content and collection lists are not.

Other special hosting features, you’d have to find replacement for- forms handling, ecommerce, memberships, logic, automatic sitemap.xml generation, etc.

Hey Michael,

I meant Apps, when you export your Code into a Zip File and Upload it to your Own Server, are these Apps you installed on Webflow for your Website integrated in the Code?


Currently app integration is primarily about API access, so no. When you are hosting your own site, you aren’t using the CMS or CMS API, apps included.

A few Apps might also have you include a library reference in your code. That part would be exported, however it likely would not work without the server-side piece functioning.

Webflow currently does not do Apps that are client-side JS only.

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