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Horizontal scrolling with fullpage.js

Hey there,

I am currently designing and building a website with horizontal scrolling, and I am using the amazing fullpage.js by Alvaro Trigo.

Although the plugin is really great, Alvaro’s documentation and readiness to help are not so… (might be because I am not that of a skilled coder…)

I am trying unsuccessfully to do these things:

  1. Make the left/right navigation arrows to work
  2. Trigger animations when a slide is loaded
  3. create “current” state for a slide link

Is there anyone with some fullpage.js experience that might be able to help?
Thanx a lot!

Tommorow (26.7) -

Later you find this under “workshops”

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So, I’ve watched the workshop and could get my arrows to work.
But, there’s no answer on how to trigger an animation or create a “current” state for a slide link when I use Horizontal Scrolling with fullpage.js

Anyone has an idea?

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Scroll into View trigger works fine with fullpage.js

not with the scroll horizontally :confused:

never tried horizontal sorry let me try :slight_smile: and get back to you if possible.

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Hey guys!
Alvaro here :slight_smile:

I’m know I’m late! But better later than never :slight_smile:

Alvaro’s documentation and readiness to help are not so…

Uh! I’m all ears! How could I make the docs easier for people like you to understand?

So far, regarding your questions with horizontal slides and fullPage.js I’ve created this video tutorial:

And this clonable project in webflow:


ouh thanks so much for this explanation!
but do interaction now work with this horicontal slidings?

on the vertically fullpage scrolling interaction are working well for me, but i’m asking now specifally for this scenario which you showed in your tutorial here. are “scrolled into view” interaction possible here?


ps. and is it possible to change the style of these arrows?!

installed it last night, following your tutorial and everything worked out
but the interactions are not working -> in the horicontal scrolling slides only
is this really an issue?!

is there no solution?


The easiest way would be to use the CSS state classes added to the body and slide elements.
Check more about it on the docs:

Here’s a video I did a long time ago about conditional CSS to trigger animations:

You can also use JavaScript to fire them by using fullPage.js callbacks such as the onSlideLeave or afterSlideLoad ones.
More about it on the the fullpage.js documentation

I don’t think it is possible using Webflow directly.
Perhaps you could try detecting the scroll event on the slider wrapper, but you would have to use the fulPage.js option css3: false for that.

hi there. you said in the video that you would need to store the files on your own server? where could I store the files then? would this be possible with GitHub? or actually on unpkg? I couldn’t understand how to use unpkg:(

For the extensions you can probably just copy and paste the content on your custom code section between two <scrip></script> tags.

The extensions file you can get it from the cdn:

hi there. as far as I understand there should be at least three files pasted in the custom code areas?

the first file must be in the head area:
“stylesheet” href=“

the second file in the body must be
“text/javascript” src=“
as far as I understand it must be there regardless which extension you are planning to use.

1 and the next file would be the file of the extension?
2 when you purchase a license for one extensions, do you actually get two files: one with the license code and the second the file of the extension itself?
3 after I get the file with the extension where should I upload it?

thank you

Read how to use extensions here:

If you purchased the Scroll Horizontally extension you’ll also find an example file that you can inspect to see how it works and what it requires you to include.

hi there, I tried purchasing the plugin from gum road, but the PayPal doesn’t work and it doesn’t accept 2 of the credits that actually work.

can I send money via PayPal manually?

Unfortunately I don’t use any other platform for payments.
You’ll have to contact Gumroad ( or ask someone for a card.

actually, there was a problem with a browser. and PayPal worked from a different browser. so it was successful, thank you.

can I send you a reply to your email now to help with the install please? I am still not quite sure how to install it.

So as far as I understand I leave the following code in header:

link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”

Then in the footer I replace the

“text/javascript” src=“fullpage.min.js”


“text/javascript” src=“fullpage.extensions.min.js”

and add the file I received after purchasing

“text/javascript” src=“fullpage.scrollHorizontally.min.js”

in footer before the newly replaced

“text/javascript” src=“fullpage.extensions.min.js”

Could you please advise on which domain I could upload this file? Would GitHub work?

Could you please advise on which domain I could upload this file? Would GitHub work?

If you don’t have a hosting, then just copy the content of the fullpage.scrollHorizontally.min.js file and paste it before importing ullpage.extensions.min.js.

CONTENT OF fullpage.scrollHorizontally.min.js HERE
<script src="

   // initialise fullpage here 
   new fulpage(.......);

hi, added it, it doesn’t seem to work:

I will delete this link later if necessary