Webflow Workshop #123: Adding fullpage.js into your Webflow project

Join us on Tuesday, June 26th at 10am (pacific)
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Adding a full-page scroll interaction plugin into your Webflow project is easy — in this week’s workshop, we’ll show you how. We’ll focus on basic element structure, CSS styles, and adding custom code to make the plugin work.

See the original plugin here:


Here is the clonable project from today’s stream.

Have fun! :smiley:

Hello! Thanks for this video!
I did everything according to the instructions (video), but links to sections (/#section-name) stop to react on click :frowning:

I did DIV with id=fp-nav and put my button inside to this div – it works, BUT wrong.
First 2 section can scroll down by click on the button with any …/#section-name on link, than scroll up.

For exemple my current position on …/#section-1

if I set for button link to …/#section-2 – page will scroll to …/#section-2
after from …/#section-2 page will scroll to …/#section-3
than from …/#section-3 page will scroll UP, but with correct URL …/#section-4

if I set for button link to …/#section-5 – page will scroll to …/#section-2 (just scroll down to next section)

I have no idea how to solve that. I was tried to use data-anchors in custom div attributes – same result…


Hello again!
Sorry, but how to do Footer section?
I tried to use <div class="section fp-auto-height"> and its same result with 100vh section size.