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Homepage design and some advice please

Hi there, please check my site here:

I have some questions about:

  1. How to make the my current Homepage just one page, so that everyone needs to scroll down for footer? Is it better to make the header 10% of the page, footer 10% and the slider 80% just for the Homepage? I have make all my homepage photos at resolution of 1600x500. Will those photos look OK at high resolution screens? I have done my best to reduce the size of those photos, I am not sure if there is any space to reduce them further?

  2. Is there any way disable the mobile version and tablet version. Otherwise I will spend some time to adjust again for everything…

  3. Is it current most load time cost item of the website is the Font? Any advice on smaller font files please…

  4. I will be appreciated if any advice can be given for the size :smile:

  1. make the body 100% height, then make the section containing everything (header content footer) 100% too. then you can apply your 10-80-10 percentages to your inner sections.
  2. by disabling you mean displaying nothing? or just displaying the normal site? If you touch nothing, the latter happens I guess.
  3. oh yes, fonts are responsible for load times. Read Typekit help for smaller fonts.
  4. you can compress your images better. And use the map widget instead of a giant image of a map.

Thanks Vincent for the response above!

For point 2. By disable the mobile and tablet version I mean what should I do to allow user to view only the desktop version of the website?

For point 4. The reason why I don’t use the map widget is because the website is mainly for people from China to browse. But Google is banned from China…

I guess… don’t do anything?

That’s a good reason. Maybe you should embed another real map, like OpenMaps or BingMaps, rather than doing a screen capture of Googles, which probably breaches Google’s TOS and China laws.