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Desktop to Mobile

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if I could get any help about my website.

Main page - how can i determine where the window will scroll to when clicked on the little arrow? Currently, it doesn’t scroll all the way and still see the part of the top page.

What will be the best dimensions to create a hero image like my main page? The current image is too big and doesn’t really look great.

I am also having problems with my site when viewing the page on desktop, tablet or mobile. when i change one thing, the others follow and ruin how the page looks. Is there any way to avoid this from happening?

I know too many questions to ask all at once but I really hope to get some direction.

Many thanks

Q1 - hero size

No one answer (Dependent on the design you want). Anyway, 100VH is very famous (In your site is 130VH)

Q2 - Anchor link

Little “arrow” scroll to point X (Don’t see this in the design):
Anyway, this is anchor link (also google it)

Q3 - to general

Very general Q (Add screenshot or example)