Home page views different on browsers for PC and Mac

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with an issue I’m getting with the home page viewing differently for different browsers on a pc and mac. When I set up the site I checked it on safari, chrome and firefox on mac and then got a colleague to check it on edge, firefox and chrome on pc (issue with IE but that’s another story.

With chrome, it looks fine for me on Mac and when my colleague checks it on chrome for pc but when the client views it in chrome on his laptop he get’s the following -

Any idea what’s happenning and how I can fix this?

Here’s my link -

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Facing the same issue need help.

I had a similar problem and I changed the ‘Spacing’ from ‘Padding’ to ‘Margin’ and it fixed the problem. No Idea why tho??

Both are using different GPU and UI. You can shutdown debian using command.