Firefox page rendering different than Safari or Chrome

Hi, I have an issue with getting a section on my website to display properly in firefox. It looks fine in Chrome, Safari, and Edge so far.

Here is a link to my read only version of the site:

Here is my public share link:

And a link to the published site:

Here is what it looks like for me. It looks different for other people for some reason. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @tsjohns9,

Thanks for the post on this, I took a look and it appears normal for me in FF:

If you could, right click on the page in Firefox and click the Inspect Element item. Get a screenshot of the browser console:

I would also recommend to check that the latest version of Firefox is loaded and try browsing the site with a private Window (in FF, click File, then New Private Window).

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave, What do you recommend as the best way to make sure that websites made in webflow will be compatible in the major browsers? (Chrome, safari, Firefox, edge)

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