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Undo in Editor mode

Hey there,

I already noticed that there is an earlier thread about this topic, but it was closed over a year ago so I thought it was time to write about it again. How the heck is it that you guys haven’t fixed an undo/redo function in Editor mode? This is really asked for by clients and it is a bit embarrassing, after having sold in the Webflow platform, to tell them that they cant do this.

Or I am missing something and there is a function for this now. In that case, my apologies and I look forward to learning about it.

Thank you!

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No such feature yet. The closest would be to revert the site to an earlier save state.

I’m sure there is already a wishlist item for this.

Please search the Wishlist for upcoming features, and if there isn’t one for your requested feature yet, you can create a wishlist request.

You can also subscribe to wishlist items to stay updated to announcements regarding the wishlist item.

Wishlist suggestions and discussions are off-topic for this forum, as we have a dedicated site for that. You can also ask such questions during occasional Webflow live Workshops where questions are taken from the users, and updates are provided on upcoming features.

If you do not like this policy, feel free to bring it up on Meta.

If you do not like the wishlist, feel free to provide Feedback.

For possible workarounds (if any), please use the Search feature on the forums.

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