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Hiding sections for mobile devices

Hello all,

I’m new to webflow so please be patient with me as you may see me asking some questions around these forums!

I’ve just started my 1st website using webflow and seem to come to a stop, I’ve created a section to my site, added a background colour ect. But I only want this section to show for desktop versions. How would I go about doing this? as currently the section shows on all versions which the text doesn’t seem to resize to fit in so would rather “hide” it.

Hope this makes sense, look forward to your answers

Best regards,

Hello and welcome!

Simple, all you have to do is to select the Section which you want to hide,
Head on over to the Settings:
Disable visibility for Tablet/Mobile:

And that’s it!

Did a little screencast here:


Worked a treat thank you!

Best regards

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