How do I make a section disappear?

In the video (that is 5 years old) there are 2 sections. One section he keeps for the desktop and deletes for all other devices. The second section he deletes for desktop and keeps for all other devices.

The video is 5 years old and when I click on the section then settings the option to choose which viewport is not there for me. You can see it at the 7 min mark of the video.

Is this still something that is possible in the newer version of webflow. I spent way too much time trying to get this to work… very frustrating.

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Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 00.08.25

@ManBadger everything on this video should still be available on the latest version of Webflow. The viewport options can be found at the top of the Designer.

It is not possible to get the same effect using the viewport options. I can go to tablet and hide one section and all the other smaller viewports will be good but the desktop version still will have 2 sections.

As Denny shows you use the breakpoint selector to choose the breakpoint where you want to set rules. Then you change the display of the element for that section you’re wanting to show or hide.

e.g. for your Desktop-only section,

  • Click desktop as Denny has shown above
  • Select your desktop section, it should already be visible
  • Now click the tablet breakpoint
  • Now change your desktop section to display = hidden, it’s the rightmost option


That setting will cascade to the mobile breakpoints.

For the sections you want mobile only, you do the opposite. Make it hidden at the desktop level, and then make it visible at the breakpoints you want it to appear at.

All style settings cascade away from the default Desktop breakpoint, to higher and lower breakpoints, so always start from desktop and work outwards to create responsive sites.

Yes. I got it now. You guys were right. Thanks!