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Cant figure out how to hide sections on mobile platform

Hi All,

This is my first posts, but I have reading in the forum all week. I started creating my first webflow project, and Its going great.

The last thing I need is, that I want to:
A) Hide an section shown on the laptop)
B) Show another section (that should be hidden on the laptop)

I have scouted this forum for answers, and seen all the videos - but I cant figure it out

I think its the solution is so simple, but I have almost given up :slight_smile:

Hi Rasmus,

Welcome to Webflow, and congrats on getting your first project underway! In answer to your question, it’s super-easy to have elements visible and invisible based on the media query or platform.

Are you using the new Style Panel Beta, or the old one?

In the new Style Panel Beta:

  1. Select the item you want to hide on desktop (making sure you are working on the Desktop mode in the four upper central icons), go to Layout - Display - None

  1. Select the item you want to show on Mobile (making sure you are now in Mobile mode), and make sure that is set to Block or Flex or whatever it needs to be.

  1. Then, while in Mobile mode, select the element you want to hide on Mobile, and set it to None (like in Step 1).

Hope this helps!

Creative Director


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