Hide & Show not working

Hello, I have used the hidden text elements lots on our ‘additives’ Page. I am trying to do the same on the page ‘Why are my fuel filters blocked’ I have a button that says ‘leave a comment’ when pressed I want to show the form underneath but it isn’t working. I am obvioulsy having a blonde moment - can anyone help please?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/marship?preview=f496716217913058e1677bc5ba662633 *

Oooh let’s say you were little tired and let the hair out of the equation :wink:

Ok the first click of your interaction says: “Give height 0px” to the container. You meant to put “Auto” there instead :smile:

Now it works.


Here is what a “blonde moment” is in my country :smile:


D’oh - what a plonker - thank you.

Think I now need your version of a blonde moment :slight_smile:

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